SKB 90 TSS Trap White Chrome 12 Ga 32"

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12 Ga
90 TSS
White Chrome
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The 90TSS performance tuned competition Trap models are available as either an Over & Under or as combination; Over & Under with a 34" Top Single barrel.
Fabricated from high strength 4140 steel; the barrels are bored cut with 3" chambers, lengthened forcing cones, fitted with competition series choke tubes and equipped with automatic ejectors. The finished barrel has a highly polished chrome interior, jeweled monobloc and matte black chrome exterior. The sighting plane is a 10mm top ventilated rib with a matte surface and target sights.

Solid billets of high strength steel are cut by CNC machines to precise dimension creating the box lock action. The 90TSS utilizes a tapered steel locking bolt which engages the full width of the barrel lug. The barrel rotates on two trunnions mounted through the sides of the receiver. The manual safety with integral barrel selector are located on the top tang.

The new 90TSS trigger system has an improved mechanical trigger, which utilizes a vertical connector, a short sear let off, and coil springs. This new trigger geometry reduces engagement creep, pull weight, and over travel distance; resulting in a reliable, fast cycling, crisp feeling trigger.


The fit and feel of a tournament stock is a key element in the performance tuned 90TSS competition shotguns. The personalize fit of an adjusted stock enables the shooter to acquire the target faster, enhances swing control, improves overall handling and reduces fatigue.


An adjustable comb allows a shooter to move the position of their cheek on the stock; so that their eye is in alignment with the centerline of the rib. The comb can be moved ¼' from the center line of the stock either left or right. The base plate is etched with indicating lines for precise left or right adjustment. The comb height can be adjusted upward by ½" by using washers that slide over the posts.


The adjustable butt plate system (ABP) allows for 1 ¼" length of pull (LOP) adjustment. By simply loosening the locking screws and rotating the pad inward or

outward, a personalized LOP insures proper gun mount and cheek placement on the comb of the stock. The pad can be rotated in either direction for proper shoulder fit, reducing felt recoil and the natural reflex to cant the toe of the pad away from the top of the pectoral muscle. The pad plate can be adjusted either upward or downward 1 ¼" to assist in proper eye alignment to the slight plane.




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