Pro Shot Premium Universal Box Kit .22 Caliber - 12 Gauge

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Premium Stainless Micro-Polished Gun Cleaning Rods have a (32.5inch/82.55cm working length). Full size swivel handle. Patch holder for rifle and pistol (.22-.45 Caliber). Patch holder for shotgun. Adapter for shotgun accessories. Muzzle guard. Nylon bristle bore brushes for (.22 caliber pistol, .38-.45 caliber multi-brush, .22 caliber rifle, .30 caliber rifle and 410 thru 12 gauge multi-brush). Next Generation 1 Step Gun Cleaner and Lubricant. 100% cotton flannel cleaning patches. Double ended nylon bristle brush. Pro-Gold Grease. Silicone treated gun cloth. All rifle and pistol accessories are standard industry 8/32 thread. Shotgun accessories are standard industry 5/16-27 thread.


  • Manufacturer Part Number: PSUVKIT
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