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Whether you are an avid camper, hiker, or just someone who loves to explore the great outdoors, SABRE® Frontiersman MAX Bear & Mountain Lion Spray is a must-have for added peace of mind on your next adventure. It is the only bear spray approved by the EPA for use against bears, mountain lions, and other big cats. The 7.9-oz spray combines maximum stopping power with a superior range of 40-feet (12-meters), meaning you can deploy it from a safer distance to deter an aggressive bear, mountain lion or other big cat. It travels up to 20-feet (6-meters) farther than other bear sprays to put more distance between you and a charging bear, mountain lion, or other big cats. SABRE® Frontiersman MAX Bear & Mountain Lion Spray is a quick-to-deploy bear defense spray made with the maximum strength allowed by the E.P.A. (2.0% major capsaicinoids - 50% stronger than SABRE®'s maximum strength police pepper spray). The 7.9-oz canister provides maximum protection by rapidly deploying the heaviest fog of up to 1.62-oz (46-grams) per 1-second burst and creating a massive barrier of protection between you and a bear, mountain lion or big cat to maximize your safety. This item includes one SABRE® Frontiersman Belt Holster to secure the bear spray to your waist for readily accessible protection at a moment's notice and one 7.9-oz canister of SABRE® Frontiersman MAX Bear & Mountain Lion Spray Deterrent. Explore confidently knowing you have the best bear safety products on the market with you from SABRE® Frontiersman. From the makers of the #1 selling maximum strength bear spray, SABRE® Frontiersman bear safety products include SABRE® Frontiersman Bear Sprays, Inert Practice Spray, Bear Bells, and more. SABRE® Frontiersman is a product of SABRE®. With over 45 years of experience manufacturing pepper spray, SABRE® is the #1 trusted pepper spray brand by consumers and police officers worldwide. SABRE® pepper sprays, pepper gels, and bear sprays are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • Maximum Stopping Power: The ONLY bear spray approved by the EPA that allows use against mountain lions & other big cats; Made with 2.0% Major Capsaicinoids (the strongest formula allowed by law), it's backed by our industry exclusive in-house HPLC lab, guaranteeing max strength in each canister
  • Protection at a Safe Distance: With a 40-foot (12-meter) spray range reaching up to 20-feet further than the competition, Frontiersman MAX Bear & Mountain Lion Spray gives you more time to react to a bear or mountain lion charging up to 35 mph with up to 6+ seconds of total spray time
  • Immediately Accessible Bear Spray: Easy to access when seconds count, this bear & mountain lion spray includes a quick draw belt holster for secure carry; Strong elastic keeps bear spray secure while out on the trails; Glow in the Dark safety for easier location in the dark
  • Quick & Quiet Access To Protection: Velcro sound could aggravate a threatening bear and potentially cause aggressive behavior - Frontiersman holsters eliminate the unnecessary Velcro straps allowing for quick & silent access to your spray during an emergency
  • Rigorously Tested to Maximize Your Safety: E.P.A. and Health Canada approved, our environmentally friendly bear spray is field-tested and proven effective against all types of bears by the Elmendorf Air Force Base and Brown Bear Resources
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