Iron Horse Sentry 12 Shotgun 12ga 18.5"

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12 Ga
Senrty 12
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Blackwater's Sentry 12 shotgun is a lightweight, pump-action, magazine-fed 12 gauge shotgun, designed ground-up for tactical/defensive use. The Sentry 12 shotgun represents several key advances that add up to a huge leap forward in the tactical/defensive shotgun space. Sentry 12's design goal was ambitious; make it compact, lightweight, and sleek looking while embracing simplicity and modularity. First up, why compact and lightweight? Simply put, the Sentry 12 is fast, its lightweight and short 12" length of pull give it, in technical terms, spider monkey-like agility. More serious, it is light and easily pointed, transitioned, and packed. Another huge design win is found in its ease to field strip. With the removal of a single pin and just a few seconds, the Sentry 12 is broken down into three components: Upper Reciever/Barrel, Lower Receiver, Bolt & Carriage. Add a few more seconds by removing the hand tightened barrel nut and the Sentry 12 is fully field stripped. Swap out barrels easily, swap out the stock for a brace and you have the modularity to suit your unique use. Lastly, we made it easy to use right out of the box. The Sentry 12 borrows design cues from the commonly known AR-15s manual of arms, upping the ease of use while lowering the learning curve. We hoped to match all of these advances with looks to match, we'll let you be the judge of that. Get your very own Sentry 12 today. ~Team Blackwater

Specs & More:

  • 18.5" Smooth Bore Nitride Coated Barrel
  • 21" Fully extruded 6160 Aluminum Upper Receiver
  • 17" of Picatinny at 12 O'clockFully ambidextrous controls (AR similar)
  • 12 Gauge, accepting 2- 3/4" and 3" shell.
  • 2 x 5rds. Magazines Inc.
  • Overall Length 36"
  • 6.5 lbs.
  • Manual
  • Lock
  • Blackwater Packaging w/ die-cut foam inserts
  • 100% Designed - Sourced - Assembled in the M-F'g USA.


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