Stealth Cam STCG45NGX G Series Trail Camera 22 MP Camo  

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Stealth Cams' G Series Pro features an image sensor combined with Smart Illumination technology delivers unparalleled clarity and sharpness in IR images, while minimizing grain and optimizing detail. It utilizes 45 No Glo high power IR emitters, and 1080P HD video recording with audio, adjustable PIR, .5 second reflex trigger, GEO-TAG GPS tagging, matrix advanced blur reduction, and Retina low light sensitivity. The camera has a burst mode of 1-9 images per triggering, re-writable SD memory, video and USB output, and manual shot capability. It operates on eight AA batteries and comes with an external power jack for a 12V battery box.


  • Camera Type: Trail Camera
  • Picture or Video: Photo/Video
  • Resolution: 22 MP
  • Flash: Infared 100 ft
  • Power Source: AA (8)
  • Memory: SD Card Slot
  • Finish Color: Camo
  • Audio: Yes
  • Photo Settings: Burst Mode 1-9
  • Video Settings: 1080p HD
  • Stamp: Date/Time/Temp/Moon
  • Manufacturer Part Number: STCG45NGX

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