Hk Usp 45 Elite 45acp W/o Jet v1

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An enhanced version of the USP; the USP45 Elite offers significant additional features making it a unique handgun designed for specialized applications.
The USP Elite combines elements of the USP Tactical, USP Expert, and Mark 23 with a long slide design. The result is a highly accurate pistol ideally suited to IPSC (International Practical Shooting Competition) and other practical target shooting applications. USP45 Elites are also favored by some military and law enforcement tactical units that prefer long slide designs and a long sight radius in a powerful .45 ACP handgun.
In addition to its longer slide -- the longest found on any HK pistol -- the USP Elite has the same adjustable target sights, ambidextrous control levers (with safe, fire and decock functions), and an O-ring barrel found on other specialized models of the USP.
The USP series was developed in the early 1990s by Heckler & Koch engineers as the company's first undertaking to design a handgun especially for the American civilian and law enforcement markets. Combining traditional blowback operation using a modified Browning locking system on a high strength polymer frame, the USP has a well-earned reputation for reliably and robust simplicity.
The 6.02 inch (153mm) long barrel is manufactured using HK's famous cold-hammer forging process and has a polygonal profile for increased velocity and long service life. In multiple tests, HK cold hammer forged pistol barrels have achieved service lives in excess of 91,000 rounds. Adding an O-ring to the barrel means increased accuracy from a close barrel-to-slide lockup.
Precision match sights are adjustable for windage and elevation. The match trigger has a adjustable trigger. Covered by HK's lifetime warranty, the USP45 Elite is available for an a limited time.

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